E-bill Deya Paros

New E-bill feature for instant access to your account(s)

Sign up now to get:

  • Ability to view and pay your bills digitally
  • Display of bills from all properties that are in your name
  • Access to bills of the last 12 months
  • Free SMS or email alert on issue of new bill

How to pay your bill:

  • Using the DIAS Interbank Payment System in any bank, through e-banking or phone banking, a standing bank order, ATMs and the banks’ automatic transaction machines.
  • At OPAP agencies through Tora Wallet, without any wait, 7 days a week with cash or card.
  • Through fund transfer directly to the following bank accounts, at no extra cost. Please specify as the reason of payment, the name and the water meter registration number appearing in the water-sewerage bill
    Alpha bank: GR3301406250625002320000519
    Piraeus bank: GR3201727120005712020039726
    National bank: GR7101104550000045547005541
    Eurobank: GR5902603590000590200173337
  • By debit or credit card from your account in the e-bill service