Technical Sewerage Plan 2018

naoussa sewerage innovative clearing


Last week, DEYAP in cooperation with BIOTEV, proceeded to an extensive cleaning of the sewerage network of Naoussa. For the first time innovative materials have been used, which helped to remove fats, disinfect and disinsectize, unblock and substantially reduce odors!

The materials used are absolutely safe for humans, machinery and the environment, while being particularly effective in maintaining the drainage system.

The plan will continue in the next period in other areas, aiming at the general clearing of the network and the avoidance of obstructions and smells in view of the tourist season.

Also, at the same time, the first phase of disinsectization is carried out on the island by another team. It will be followed by a second phase at the beginning of the summer.

The above actions are only two of the many that are currently in place. However, in order for these efforts of DEYAP to have the desired result, the cooperation of our fellow citizens is also required. It is forbidden, in accordance with the Law and the Sewerage Regulation, to discharge into the drainage network cooking fats and oils, as well as paper, baby wipes, towels and other materials that are not urban waste water. These actions cause clogging in the boreholes, odor release and malfunction in the Sewage Treatment Plant.

DEYAP will continue its efforts to provide upgraded services to the Citizen!

Within the framework of the Technical Program 2018, DEYAP implemented a project for the extension of the sewerage network in Logaras. Thus, most of the settlement is now served by sewerage, as well as new hotel businesses.

In the framework of Naoussa Community’s replacement of the pavement in the center of Naoussa, as well as the implementation of the Technical Program for 2018, DEYAP proceeded with the change of the obsolete Water Supply and Sewerage pipes.