The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Paros is a Private Legal Entity operating in order to ensure the smooth supply of the island through the rational management of the limited water resources and the protection of the environment through the efficient operation of the sewerage networks, the pumping stations and the biological sewage treatment plants.

It is called to cope in the best possible way with the ever-increasing residential development of the island, as well as the increase in the permanent and seasonal population that this entails, coupled with the reduction of water reserves.

It carries out studies, installs, repairs, extends and maintains water supply networks, drilling, reservoirs and pumping stations throughout the island, aiming at providing quality services to its consumers.

It monitors the quality of water with modern instruments, according to the European Union standards in the Quality and Control Laboratory of the Company as well as in accredited external laboratories.

It has and maintains an extensive and continuously expanding sewerage network, 17 sewage pumping stations and 3 Biological Cleaning Units that provide secondary sewage treatment with the extended ventilation method, protecting the island from environmental pollution problems

In our effort to continually develop and deliver high quality services, we believe it is essential to support our consumers through proper water management and avoiding unnecessary and excessive consumption.
Water is precious and its protection… the duty of all of us!

Georgios Poulios
Chairman DEYAP