Can you drink the tap water in Paros? YES!

Drink DEYAP water

The tap water on Paros is safe to drink!

How do we know? Because we perform regular tests of the water quality – everywhere on the island, and at different times of the year. The water is also tested by third-party, independent organisations, including the Department of Public Health of Paros and the National Geological Institute.

Every single one of these tests shows that the tap water on Paros is safe to drink – and well within the EU’s legal limits. Great news!

Click on the leaflet image below to find out how the local water system works, what’s in our water, how ‘hard’ Paros water is, how we conduct our water safety tests, and more.

Prefer filtered water?

Here is where you’ll find the water machines in Paros.

Why switch to tap water?

Some people living on or visiting Paros feel unsure about the water quality, so they choose to drink water from plastic bottles ‘just to be safe’. Here are three reasons to make the switch:

  1. The tap water on Paros is safe to drink
  2. Plastic bottled water is expensive!
  3. Plastic bottles are really bad for the environment

 What’s next?

We want to help everyone on Paros make an informed choice about the water they drink. So, in partnership with Clean Blue Paros, we want to make sure you have access to plenty of information about the island’s water.

We also recommend you follow Clean Blue Paros for more information about switching to tap water (including an in depth review of water filters, coming soon), and all the latest news from this exciting campaign.

We feel really proud to live on an island that provides us with safe, drinkable tap water (it’s actually quite rare). So let’s all protect our precious island from plastic bottles and #drinktapwater.

• See also the page: “Drinking Water Quality“.