The provision of clean drinking water is an inalienable right of every citizen. But on an island like Paros, water is not a given. DEYAP is making constant efforts to ensure access to this social commons, by ensuring the rational use of water supplies and by addressing adequacy problems and network failures.

On a daily basis, the water supply networks are maintained and expanded, the pumping stations, wells and tanks are controlled and repaired. At the same time, seamless operation and maintenance of the sewerage network, its pumping stations and waste water treatment plants are achieved to ensure the protection of the aquifer and the seas.

Water quality is controlled by continuous chemical and microbiological analyzes and sampling at various points in the water supply network, while part of the analyzes is also done by an external accredited laboratory. Similarly, the quality of seawater and sand is monitored at the points of effluent of Biological Cleaning at least 4 times a year as provided for in the Legislation.

DEYAP is an important lever for the development of the island’s economy, as much of its revenue is transferred back to the local community through purchases and supplies. At the same time, it plans, designs and implement projects that will strategically support the development of the “industry” of our country, which is Tourism.

Water is precious, it is not inexhaustible and its saving is an obligation for all of us. The provision of clean water and the protection of the environment is not a simple matter, especially in a complex and vast network like Paros. The staff of DEYAP, having a deep awareness of the responsibility and importance of the work it is called upon to carry out, will continue the tireless efforts to achieve the Company’s goals.

Nikolas Karamanes
Director General of DEYAP