Desalination Unit of Naoussa

The desalination plant of Naoussa, Paros, was installed in 2002 and operates with the reverse osmosis method. It processes part of the water of the river crossing Naoussa.

The capacity of the unit is 1.200 cubic meters per day and it has an energy recovery rate of 62,5%.

The processing steps are as follows:

Pretreatment stage

  • Propulsion of pumps for water treatment
  • Filtration with multilayer turbidity filters
  • System of measurement of antiscalants
  • Final filtration with safety filters

Main processing stage

  • Brackish Water Desalination using the reverse osmosis method.
  • Unit for chemical cleaning and rinsing of the membranes.

Post-processing stage

  • Finishing treatment to produce drinking water quality.
  • Postchlorination system.
  • Temporary storage of drinking water

Finally, the produced water is transferred to the Naoussa reservoir (Agios Georgios) with the help of the distribution pumps.


Desalination Unit of Parikia

In the area of Peponas (Parasporos) in the community of Parikia, two reverse osmosis desalination systems with a capacity of 2.500m3/day of drinking water have been installed.

After the tender for the project “Construction of accompanying works to the desalination plant of Parikia Paros”, in October 2017, the unit is expected to be operational and integrated into the water supply network of the wider region, providing a solution to the water supply problems that arise mainly during the summer season.