Quality control

Paros DEYA undertakes all planned sampling checks for drinking water throughout the year in collaboration with privately accredited laboratories based on the legislation and in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decision Γ 1(δ) / Γ Π οικ.67322/2017 “Quality of water for human consumption”.

The results of the analyses show that the water of the supply network is drinking water, of very good quality for its microbiological and chemical composition, while it has moderate to high hardness which is attributed to the hydro-geological conditions of the island.

At the same time, DEYAP has installed 5 water distribution systems, coin or prepaid-card operated, which provide excellent quality soft water to the consumers. They apply the reverse osmosis method to process water of the network, removing part of its hardness.

A typical analysis of the water produced is given in the table below:

Κατιόντα (mg/l) Ca ⁺⁺ Mg ⁺⁺ K⁺ Na ⁺ NH₄⁺
42 8 1 22 <0.025
Ανιόντα   ( mg/l ) Cl ⁻ HCO₃⁻ SO₄⁻ NO₃⁻ NO₂⁻
50 135 14 5    0
Ολική Σκληρότητα  σε mg/l CaCO₃  150
Αγωγιμότητα  400μS/cm ( 25⁰C )
PH  7.3
Στερεό υπόλειμμα ( 180 ⁰C )  250ppm

Analysis Certificates by area