PRESS RELEASE for the signing of the contract for implementing the project CONNECTION OF ALYKI-CAMPOS WATER NETWORK WITH DESALINATION NETWORK.

DEYAP’s president, Mr Georgios Poulios, and the representative of the Contractor, Consortium “SMILI ATE – TECHNOKYKLADIKI ATE”, signed the contract for the implementation of the project “CONNECTION OF ALYKI-CAMPOS WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM WITH THE DESALINATION NETWORK. “. The project’s budget is 950.000€, and the funding was secured from the Operational Program “YMEPERAA 2014-2022” of the Ministry of Development.

This important infrastructure project involves the construction of a new pipeline to transport the water from the Parasporos desalination plant to Aliki, Kampos and the wider airport area. The new network, apart from the extensions and the installation of new pipelines, provides for the replacement of old pipelines on the Cambos-Aliki provincial road.

The existing water supply network consists of P.V.C. pipelines of various cross-sections, mainly 63mm, with a nominal resistance of 10 atmospheres, which was constructed at least 30 years ago and is now in need of replacement, as it is constantly damaged and has significant water leaks. In addition, it is unable to supply the right pressure to several points in the area, due to a sharp increase in demand in recent years. Thus, although the desalination plant of Parasporos has the capacity to supply water to the area of Aliki, at the moment the existing network cannot meet the demand due to the old pipelines which are very small and have many leaks.

The new network will be connected to an existing 160mm diameter pipeline, recently installed by DEYAP at the Pounda-Aliki junction and will be constructed entirely of 3rd generation polyethylene (PE100) pipelines of various cross-sections and 16 atmospheres of resistance. All joints will be made by soldering, with suitable electro-fittings or by the method of autogenous welding. The construction of the new water supply network is expected to ensure the following results:

  • Large reduction of hidden leaks as the existing pipeline is constantly damaged due to age and extensive blockage by calcium carbonate deposits.
  • Ensuring a strategic backup water supply for the wider Aliki area, as it is currently only supplied by three boreholes in the mountains of the area.
  • Solving the problems of pressure insufficiency that occurs for many consumers, especially during the summer months.
  • Ensuring the right quality of water for residents and visitors to the area.
  • Avoiding over-pumping of the region’s wells and protecting the aquifer.
  • Savings for DEYAP, as in addition to the cost of water loss, damage restoration has a very high financial cost and requires a lot of materials, manpower and machinery.
  • The distribution pipeline that will be installed will allow for the extension of the network and the supply of water to areas that have not had water so far. It will also cover for several years the rapidly growing needs, as the construction activity in the area is very intense and with the existing infrastructure it is impossible to meet the demand.

Work will start early next year and is expected to be completed in 9 months.