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Completing the Technical Program of 2017, DEYAP proceeded to the supply and installation of 2 new autonomous units for the production and distribution of drinking water, the installation of which took place a few days ago. One was placed in Lefkes, next to the Community Hall and the second in the seafront of Parikia, opposite to the post office. The new machines have a heavy-duty coin slot for limiting the jams, but mainly they have the ability to accept prepaid cards. At the same time, all three existing machines have been upgraded, with the possibility of using a prepaid card.

The public will be able to purchase cards from the Company’s headquarters from now on, and will be able to refill them with units, whichever they want. In order to provide quality and economical water and to provide better service to the public, DEYAP will proceed in the future to the supply of other similar units.

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  1. Nicolas Stephanou
    Nicolas Stephanou says:

    They apply the reverse osmosis method, like for desalination, to process water of the network, removing part of its hardness.
    Irini Triantaphillou, from Deyap’s Chemistry Office, will be glad to provide you with any information you want.
    Phone: 22840-28179 – Email:

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