DEYA Paros has upgraded its e-Bill service to provide optimal service to citizens and protect the environment. The service is now available through SmartVille.

SmartVille is a free application available to Android and iOS users and online at It monitors and controls water usage, e-bills, and automated services and allows for new communication methods with DEYA Paros.

Now you can:

Make a conscious decision today to stop receiving paper notices through mail. By doing so, you can play your part in reducing paper usage and pollutants caused by distribution travel, thereby helping to protect the environment.

Sign up for SmartVille and discover all its features, including

  • Electronic notices (e-Bill) and bill payments with full history.
  • View consumption data in graphs.
  • Setting consumption limits and notification of possible leaks or unauthorized water consumption when the water meter is digital.
  • Notification of water supply interruptions in the consumer’s area.
  • Online requests.
  • Reporting a water supply problem with photo, description and location on a map.
  • Ability to send a hydrometer reading in the event that it is not recorded.
  • Listing of water quality characteristics.
  • Viewing on a map of the physical locations of bill payment points.