Electricity Threatens Water

Recently and due to the exorbitant increases in electricity bills, the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises (D.E.Y.A.), which provide clean and healthy water to 5 million citizens of our country, and are, due to their installations, energy-intensive businesses, risk of being overwhelmed by debt and collapse with serious consequences for public health and the environment of our country.

The DEYAs through their institutional body, the E.D.E.Y.A., because they do not want to burden the citizens with increases in water tariffs, ask the State for the immediate subsidy of the Adjustment Clause that burdens the electricity bills and even retroactively as it was done with other sectors, to cover their increased energy costs until they reach energy self-sufficiency with actions to save and produce electricity.

Also, the reduction of VAT on water from 13% to 6%, which is demanded by the E.D.E.Y.A. from 2020, would be a great relief to citizens who are suffering from an unprecedented wave of high prices.